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"I can honestly say I enjoy using the telephone again."

- L. Webb, Maryland

"I am so much more independent now that I have this amazing helper."

- J. Shapiro, Ohio

"It's really amazing to be able to read what people are saying."

- K. Cajacob, Alabama

"I love this phone. It's like gaining part of my independence."

-J. Walls, North Carolina

"I could not use the phone before and now I use it all the time."

- R. Conger, Wisconsin

"I love my CapTel. This has been the greatest thing for me."

- A. Knise, Connecticut

"I now know exactly what the other party is saying. Before CapTel, I couldn't understand a lot of what the other party was saying, and that made conversations difficult."

- F. Hohenstein, Georgia

"CapTel makes a huge difference both in my husband's professional and private life. Communicating over the phone would be impossible without it."

- S. Frieder, New York

"My phone would be of no use to me if it were not for the captions. It is a blessing for anyone with a hearing loss, not only one as severe as mine."

- F. Amann, New York

"Our CapTel phone has improved the quality of our retirement considerably."

- P. Calhoun, California

"I can't tell you how much I love my CapTel phone. It makes my life so much easier."

- E. Vogt, Maryland

"Your service has been a godsend. Before we could not talk to my mom. Now we can call her everyday. Thank you so very much."

- M. Beulah, Maryland

"I have not been able to talk on [the] phone for 10 years. Now I talk to my daughter in New York and my brother in Alaska. Thank you, CapTel."

- R. Mostella, Oregon

"I feel like I won a million dollar jackpot. I tell you, having this phone is just like winning the lottery. You will never know how much this has helped with my communication."

- R. Edward, Florida

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